Airdrop — ALLEX (8 Tokenov XUSD - $8)<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">1</span> minutes reading</span>

Airdrop — ALLEX (8 Tokenov XUSD - $8)1 minutes reading

AliExpress RU&CIS

ALLEX - decentralized ecosystem, aimed at creating security tokens, A private kriptovalyutnoy Exchange, as well as being implementing profitable investment opportunities, to their customers, subject to KYC / AML.

  1. go to Telegram Bot and press start.
  2. Complete the captcha.
  3. Read the rules and press → I fully understand and accept.
  4. Join a group in the Telegram.
  5. Follow channel Telegram.
  6. press → Done.
  7. Follow this link, for registration on the stock exchange ALLEX:
  8. Select a registration method → Email.
  9. Tick ​​the → I have read and agree to the ALLEX’s Term of Use.
  10. Add your email, field → Email.
  11. press → Verification.
  12. Go to your email, copy 4-digit code and insert it into the appropriate field.
  13. Choose security password.
  14. press → Create account.
  15. go to Telegram Bot and press → Done.
  16. Insert your email, with which you are registered on the stock exchange, in Telegram Bot.
  17. press "Like"On page Facebook and put Like, on 2 Posts.
  18. Send a link to your profile Facebook, in Telegram Bot.
  • You will receive a → 8 tokens Another$8.

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