BountyHunter - automated Bounty Platform<span class="wtr-time-wrap after-title"><span class="wtr-time-number">5</span> minutes reading</span>

BountyHunter - automated Bounty Platform5 minutes reading

Now we try to understand another project called BountyHunter - Bounty automated platform with a private office, where you can instantly and easily, earn tokens and cryptocurrency projects and have a stable income.

BountyHunter - another bounty platform, where you are offered to perform tasks bounty campaigns, simply connect your social network to the platform and kriptovalyutnye wallets and get paid, after Bounty campaign.

At the end of the week you all still have to take the bounty reports, but the distinguishing feature of this platform is, that you are in control of your room and you are guaranteed to get your payment, so all the tokens and cryptocurrency advertisers, initially frozen on the platform.

Registration on a platform BountyHunter

Follow this link to the site:

  1. press → Become a member.
Home, the plat BountyHunter
Registration plat BountyHunter

2. Name - Enter your name.
3. E-mail - enter your email.
4. Password - Create a password.
5. Confirm password - Confirm password.
6. Place a checkbox → "I'm not a robot".
7. press → registration.

Registration plat BountyHunter
Register on the platform BountyHunter

overview cabinet

  1. Main page - this is the main page, on which the current campaign and the bounty of the project partners.
Home on the platform BountyHunter
Home on the platform BountyHunter

2. Projects - all the bounty that the campaign is on the platform, detailing.

Страница с баунти кампаниями, the plat BountyHunter
Bounty campaign, the plat BountyHunter

3. News - News on the platform.

Раздел новостей, the plat BountyHunter
News BountyHunter platform

4. People - registered users.

Пользователи на платформе BountyHunter
Registered users BountyHunter platform

5. Back office - it is your affiliate link, for inviting friends.

Affiliate program, the plat BountyHunter
affiliate link, the plat BountyHunter

6. Profile - this is your profile data.

personal profile, the plat BountyHunter
personal profile, the plat BountyHunter

7. Support - a support service, which will help you resolve any issue related to the platform.

Support service, the plat BountyHunter
Support service, the plat BountyHunter

8. Partners - a project partners.

Partnyory na platforme BountyHunter
project Partners, the plat BountyHunter

9. White Paper - White Paper on the platform.

Analysis of the icons on the home page

  1. Questions and answers from support service.
  2. forum BitcoinTalk.
  3. Official group Telegram.
  4. Private messages.
  5. Change the language.
  6. Exit.
  7. Rating artist.
  8. organizer Rating.
icon Overview, the plat BountyHunter
icon Overview, the plat BountyHunter

Profile settings

  1. press → Profile.
Профиль пользователя, the plat BountyHunter
User profile on the platform BountyHunter

2. Next → Settings.

Customization, the plat BountyHunter
Set up your profile on the platform BountyHunter


  • Optional, Enter your personal data.
  • press → Save.
Формы с личными данными, the plat BountyHunter
Personal data, the plat BountyHunter


  • PHONE - at the request, enter your mobile phone number.
  • E-MAIL - Can change email.
  • SKYPE - And, you can add, your skype video call.
  • press → Save.
Contacts, the plat BountyHunter
Contacts BountyHunter platform


  • Bitcoin - Enter your e Bitcoin wallet.
  • UNIVERSA - Enter your e-wallet from blokcheyna UNIVERSA.
  • ETHEREUM- enter your address Ethereum purse, with the support ERC-20.
  • press → Save.
  • Go to the post office and confirm saving purses.
Формы для заполнение криптовалютных адресов, the plat BountyHunter
Adding a crypto-Wallet platform BountyHunter


  • You can change your password.
  • press → Save, for preservation.
Форма, для изменения пароля, the plat BountyHunter
Change Password, the plat BountyHunter


  • Here, at the request of, you can plug in a notification Telegram-Bot platform.
Настройка уведомлений, the plat BountyHunter
Connect notification BountyHunter platform


Do not forget to connect your social networks settings, the system can calculate your work done.

Create and add all possible kriptovalyutnye Wallet settings, these wallets, you will automatically receive tokens and cryptocurrency projects, after completing Bounty campaign.


At the moment, we discussed with you a regular bounty platform, which has its own wisdom and certain quality, to generate additional revenue source, in the form of different cryptocurrency. All good 🙂

Register on the platform BountyHunter:

Create Ethereum Wallet  MyСrypto

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