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Overview of the cult and highly underrated games on blokcheyne called Crypto Treasures, which take over the world, its subtlety and outstanding appearance and win millions of hearts with her beauty.

Crypto Treasures - decentralized mobile blokcheyn game from the company Phoneum, which offer a treasure hunt, perform a variety of quests, quiz, and get paid for it Gold, tokens PHT and much more.

Crypto Treasures official Blockchain website
Crypto Treasures official Blockchain website

passage of registration

  1. Download the game Crypto Treasures on Android or iOS.
  2. During registration, enter this promo code → 6fb3xspt, and you will receive a bonus as a gift: 200 gold and 200 experience.
Mobile Game Crypto Treasures and Treasure Chest
Mobile Game Crypto Treasures and Treasure Chest

Game Review


Here you can change the main image, find out the date of registration and the overall look of the game statistics.

And so the same check number:

  • open boxes.
  • invited friends.
  • experience.
  • the quest.
  • open treasure.


The inner game currency, that can be earned:

  • Completing tasks.
  • pass quests.
  • open chests.
  • Buy in store.
  • See promotional video.


Token of blokcheyne TRON (Former → Ethereum), standard TRC-10, project Phoneum, which can be found:

  • opening chests.
  • To complete tasks.
  • Pass quests or quiz.
  • Sell ​​or buy kriptovalyutnoy Exchange.


your experience, which increases your level of play time.

Experience can earn:

  • Opening the crypto-chests.
  • Pass quests or quiz.
  • Play mini-games.


These are various tasks., where do you pay for the quest 3 PHT and complete all the necessary tasks, after which you receive An experience and Gold.

Click on the burger (three lines) in the right corner and you will see a drop-down list of sections:

  • Leaderboards - leaderboard.
  • Transactions - Statistics of earnings PHT, from the cloud of mining.
  • Invite a Friend this is your affiliate link, for inviting friends.
  • Captain - this paid package of services, where you are offered to become a captain on 1 year, and get double rewards.
  • News - news from the project.
  • More PHT Apps - other games, from company Phoneum.
  • Secret Codes - sometimes, the project distributes codes, on Gold or Kryptovalyutы, and here you can enter the secret code, to get a reward.
  • Challenges - competitions are held here, for various prizes and awards.
  • FREE GOLD - here you can perform different tasks, and get even more free Gold.
  • Player icon - here you can watch video ad and receive by 50 Gold, for each video.
  • GEAR Are settings:
    VOLUME - volume.
    SHARE GAME - Share game.
    LOGOUT - exit.
    HELP - Support service.
    RATE - rate the game in Google Play.
    INFO - social networks, official website and FAQ games.
Company logo Phoneum, c игрой Crypto Treasures
Company logo Phoneum, c игрой Crypto Treasures


This store, where you can buy different accessories.

there is a:

TREASURE CHESTS treasure chests, which can be opened, immediately after purchase, keyless:

  • SILVER - Silver Chest.
  • GOLD - golden chest.
  • SPECIAL - special chest.

SPECIALS services and offer for purchase, for real money:

  • Remove Ads - no advertising during the game time.
  • 50 Spins - the number of rotations of the wheel, to get double Gold and PHT.
  • Ruby - ruby, for the discovery of the treasure icon Patch Badge Treasure.

GOLD gold, in-game currency, you can buy for real money.

CRYPTO PROFILE PICTURES cryptocurrency logos for profile.

Treasure chest, в игре Crypto Treasures
Treasure chest, в игре Crypto Treasures

Wooden chest on an islet

The chest opens with 300 gold coins, where you can fall such treasures as: Gold, tokens PHT, various items, badges, project tokens from game partners, and most importantly, you can become the owner of cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other awards.

Blockchain islet chest

it blockchain chest with treasures, which you can buy for 500 PHT Tokens and get a huge amount of other tokens and cryptocurrencies, along with gold and other awards.

A rock, scissors, paper

Click on the first billboard in the lower left corner, and you will find yourself in a mini game: a rock, scissors, paper.

Play and get free Gold.
  • press → Start and play with the robot, to 10 games, by 3 attempts.
  • If you win, get → 50 Gold, and if you lose, you are guaranteed to pick up → 10 Gold.
  • After that, you start to play, a timer will appear on the 20 hours, after which to, can play and receive again Gold.
  • During the game, Sometimes ads will appear.


press on the second billboard in the lower left corner, where you will open the helm of the ship and you will get into a three-color mini-game.

twist, twirl and get free Gold.
  • There are three colors → green, red and yellow.
  • press → Spin and if you fall green color, you will get 20 Gold, if yellow color then 15 Gold, a red color will give you 5 tokens PHT.
  • every 20 hours, you are given 40 attempts, for getting Gold.
  • Periodically will appear listing.

So also from above there is an opportunity to buy Spins in the shop, to double the receipt Gold and PHT when scrolling the helm or can be purchased 2x for Gold, which also activates a double reward.


Yellows on a billboard, in the lower right corner and you will find yourself in a colorful island with your treasures.

PATCH BADGE TREASURES hiding place, which can be opened, collecting all icons, and get a huge amount Gold, experience and tokens PHT.
Prize pool - there is a mini-contest here, which is replenished by 5 tokens PHT, every time you open Blockchain chest any user in the game and that, who is the first to collect all the patch badges in the cache with the treasure, will receive the entire prize pool with all tokens PHT.

The shovel - here you can dig a chest with In gold and Cryptocurrencies for 8, 16 or 24 o'clock, using shovels.

WALLETS your wallets, which lists the various tokens and cryptocurrency, after opening the chests, where you can withdraw crypto assets to your wallets, and there are statistics for each coin, with a detailed description of the project and the crypto exchange where you can trade with them.

Crypto Treasure Chest, в игре Crypto Treasures
Crypto Treasure Chest, в игре Crypto Treasures

The same company Phoneum there are still a number of mobile applications, which interact with each other:

  1. Cloud Earning PHT - free mobile cloud Mining tokens PHT, in real time. Download the mobile app to Android or iOS and upon registration, enter this code → 6fb3xspt, and you get: 200 tokens PHT, which you can already sell on the exchange → ProBit. GO → Cloud Earning PHT
  2. Crypto Planet - a similar game, which is similar to Crypto Treasures, only in the form of space and unique crystal production, for which you can buy and discover all those same chests and get a variety of tokens and cryptocurrency. Download the mobile app to Android or iOS and during registration, enter this code → nxutx6cq, To obtain: 200 crystals and 200 XP-experience. GO → Crypto Planet
  3. Green Karma - in this game you are offered to earn in-game currency O2 (oxygen), play mini-games, to complete tasks, open crypto boxes, getting different tokens and cryptocurrency, and so there is an incredible opportunity, help reduce real emissions CO2, to protect the rainforest Amazon in brazil and clear Oceans from plastic in real life, thanks to fundraising with tokens PHT. Download the mobile app to Android or iOS (soon) and during registration, enter this code → cfm2kpss, which will bring you a bonus → 200 coin O2 and 200 XP-experience. GO → Green Karma
  4. Crypto Cards - addicting game, in which you are offered to collect collectible cards and receive various rewards. Open packs of boosters, watch the video, compete with real players and earn tokensPHT. Just download the game at Android or iOS (soon) and become a professional collector. During registration in the game, enter this code →gdh1dq1y and you get200 tokensPHTand 200 XP-experience.GO → Crypto Cards
  5. Crypto Connect 3 - another easy and simple game, which is connected with the cosmos, where you need to connect 3 or more identical coins kriptovalyutnyh, to pass the mission, to raise the level and receive tokens PHT. Download the mobile app to Android or iOS (soon) and earn cryptocurrencies. GO → Crypto Connect 3
Other games, from the company Phoneum
Other games, from the company Phoneum

The most interesting, It `s that, that in almost all the games and applications from the company Phoneum, you can log in with the same account on the game Crypto Treasures, but there are some games, where authorization is necessary, a new separate mail.

Crypto Treasures game on mobile phone and treasure chest
Crypto Treasures game on mobile phone and treasure chest


game design Crypto Treasures very attractive, with colorful interface, in which it is pleasant to spend time. So do not miss the opportunity to earn additional cryptocurrency and enjoy the game.

Down-load a game Crypto Treasures on: Android or iOS

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