• Airdropics.com Is a free service, about earnings without investments and reliable investments in different projects, and earnings of tokens and cryptocurrencies, for the whole world.
  • we carefully select and analyze various projects about making money on the Internet and at the same time we do not urge anyone to participate or invest in this or that project.
  • Anyone who wants by yourself decides to participate in a particular project, at one's own risk.
  • We do not guarantee the reliability or quality of projects in future, which will be on our website, so how are we DO NOT RESPOND AND DO NOT CONTROL no project or company.
  • We just do quality reviews and share with you useful information about earnings of a particular project.
  • investments in different projects, blokcheyn technology, stock markets, etc., subject to huge risk and require careful analysis.
  • Don't tell anyone your private keys, phrases, passwords and store them in safe place, always think and make the right decision.
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