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Cryptocurrency draw: Ripple — $80001 minutes reading

Powerful draw in steep Telegram channel, where everyone can try their luck and win valuable prizes.

  1. go toTelegram Bot and press start.
  2. Click →Participate!
  3. Sign up forall channels sponsors.
  4. tap →Check subscription.
  5. Complete the captcha.

20 Martha 2021 of the year, will choose → 20 winners, which will divide among themselves → $2000 dollars in cryptocurrency Ripple, and everyone will get → $100 in XRP.

  • And the rest $6000 will be distributed as follows:

First → 13 winners will receive → VIP seats to closed groups of leading traders in the cryptocurrency market, according to the magazine Forbes, and the rest → 7 winners will receive → Trading Indicators, to work with any assets on any exchange, accurate to → 97%.

Winners can sell Ripple, on a cryptocurrency exchange: Binance.

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