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HoneyGain - making money on the distribution of Internet traffic1 minutes reading

HoneyGain Is a crowdsourced proxy network, founded in 2018 year, where you can make money by distributing your internet connection, with reliable global companies and partners from the list Fortune 500.

Simply put, then you will just rent out your internet, which you rarely use or not too loaded and give it to companies, who collaborate with HoneyGain.

These companies will use your free internet, for their own purposes and conduct marketing research, so that there are no fraudulent schemes in such areas as: SEO, Brand protection, Analytics, E-commerce, Advertising, Application testing, Content delivery other.

Thus company pay for services HoneyGain, i.e. internet connection, WiFi, mobile network, which people voluntarily distribute, and the project itself shares a monetary reward with us, for it, that we provide free traffic.

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Go through a simple registration.
  3. Confirm your mail.

You will receive a → 5000 acres of honey, this → $5, immediately after registration.

Attention, if you want to get $5 For a present, then you just need to register by the link provided above, since the code is there, who organizes this bonus.

After registration, install a special program for a computer and download a mobile application for Android as APK file, which needs to be sent to the phone and installed separately, there is also a version for iOS in App Store.

Now with your account, enter the mobile application and the program for PC, and leave them in the background, for a stable income.

Also in the lower right corner, a barrel of honey will appear periodically, where you can win up to → 10 000 one hundred square meters of honey - $10, for your activity.

After that, how do you type → 20 000 one hundred square meters of honey - $20, a payout button will appear in your profile, where can you withdraw funds to → PayPal or Bitcoin.

Project HoneyGain does not use the resources of your computer and does not load the phone, since this is not mining, but just distribution of the Internet, which does not even affect itself Internet speed, as it is distributed Free traffic.

You can connect only 2 devices, to one IP address, if you connect more, then you may be blocked. Also, you can not use VPN and Emulators.

At the moment the project HoneyGain covers more → 150 countries and millions of users around the world, on average get from → $15 to $20 per month.

Register in the project HoneyGain:

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