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MyEtherWallet - how to create an Ethereum wallet3 minutes reading

Here I will tell you in detail how to create a Ethereum wallet MyEtherWallet, for kryptovalyutы Ethereum and tokens for the standard ERC-20, to participate in Bounty and Airdrop.

Creating a wallet

Go to the official website: and check carefully, in the upper left corner in the address bar there should be a green lock with a secure SSL-certificate, this indicates, that you are on the official website, and he protected.

Адрес сайта, надёжного Ethereum кошелька MyEtherWallet
Official site Ethereum purse MyEtherWallet, SSL certificate

Then click on Create A New Wallet, to begin to create a new wallet.

Создание Ethereum кошелька, на сайте MyEtherWallet
Create a new Ethereum purse on MyEtherWallet site

press Continue and carefully read the safety manual, pressing Next.

Security Guide Ethereum purse MyEtherWallet
Security Guide Ethereum purse MyEtherWallet

Next, you will pass on page Get a New Wallet, Here you can create a wallet in three different ways:
1. MEWconnect - through a special application on the mobile device. (The recommended way).
2. By Keystore File - file storage. (Not recommended way).
3. By Mnemonic Phrase - mnemonic phrase. (Not recommended way).

I'll show you an example MEWconnect (The recommended way), you can choose which method to choose.

  1. Press on MEWconnect.
  2. Download the mobile app to Android or iOS.
  3. Create a new account in the mobile app.
  4. Press on Access My Wallet.
Создание Ethereum кошелька на сайте MyEtherWallet
Example creation Ethereum purse on MyEtherWallet site

5. Press on MEWconnectUse MEWconnect to access my wallet.

Мобильное приложение  MEWconnect, для входа в кошелёк MyEtherWallet
MEWconnect - a mobile application to access the wallet MyEtherWallet

6. Go to the mobile application and scan QR code.

QR code, Online Ethereum purse MyEtherWallet
Scan the QR-code, Online Ethereum purse MyEtherWallet

Personal wallet account

Личный кабинет кошелька MyEtherWallet
Personal account Ethereum purse MyEtherWallet
  1. Dashboard - dashboard, where your address Ethereum, you can send it to anyone, for crypto assets, as well as being your balance cryptocurrency Ethereum and the connected network and blocks.
  2. Send - send cryptocurrency Ethereum or tokens to another address online or offline, there is also NFT Manager - it tokens that are tied to a single product, you can add unique items on blokcheyn.
  3. Swap - you can exchange one to another cryptocurrency, or for real money.
  4. Dapps - decentralized application.
  5. Contract - interaction with smart contracts.
  6. Message - use the message.
  7. Buy ETH - buy Ethereum for fiat.
  8. Transaction History - check transaction history blokcheyne Ethereum.
  9. FAQs - Questions and answers.
  10. English - change language.
  11. Settings and output.
  12. Custom Tokens - Here you can add a standard tokens ERC-20.


Do not share your private keys.

Keep them in a safe place, on flash drive, write on disk or write to paper.

no food private keys on the computer.

The best option for keeping all your cryptocurrency and tokens, are cold-purses, such as the Ledger or SAFE.


Well, in principle, and all, we have to figure out how to create a wallet MyEtherWallet for kryptovalyutы Ethereum tokens and standard ERC-20, Now you can safely participate in various projects and profit, use of health data purse, and be happy, good luck.

Create Ethereum Wallet MyEtherWallet:

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