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Pi Network Is a revolutionary mobile application, which allows you to earn cryptocurrency for free Pi, every 24 o'clock, with the help of cloud mining and a collective community.

The project was launched in 2019 year and at the moment there are more → 14 000 000 users around the world, who consistently earn on cryptocurrency mining Pi.

  1. Follow the link to the official website: Pi Network.
  2. Download the mobile app to Android or iOS.
  3. Register with Facebook or use your Phone number.
  4. Set a strong password.
  5. Please enter your real name and surname.
  6. Create a username.
  7. Be sure to include this code → Airdropics, this will increase your income by 25%, plus you instantly get → 1 Pi to your account.

If you do not provide this invitation code → Airdropics, you will not be able to register, and, accordingly, it will not be possible to mine and earn cryptocurrency Pi.

every 24 o'clock go to the application and click on the → button Lightning, in the right corner, to continue mining and earn cryptocurrency Pi. You can close the application completely, since the entire mining process takes place in the cloud mode, and you will receive a coin anyway Pi.

application Pi Network, does not affect the performance of your phone in any way, does not use any computing power, does not drain the battery and is completely safe product, and also you don't need internet for mining.

Do not forget to log into your profile and add all the required personal data, following instructions, and also confirm your phone number, plug in Facebook, add email, go through KYC etc. These are the necessary procedures, to consistently mine and be able to receive cryptocurrency Pi.

There is already an opportunity to buy goods and services by cryptocurrency Pi, and also soon the coin will be traded on cryptocurrency exchanges, where you can sell it for real money.

Download mobile app Pi Network on: Android or iOS.

Surely you want to increase your income with additional coins., which in the future will be able to easily compete with Bitcoin, and if you are ready to get acquainted with a new similar project then meet: Mining cryptocurrency Bee Network

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