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ROY Club - platform sharing paramayninga4 minutes reading

it happened! Overview incredible platform ROY Club - to receive passive income. You will learn, where the real treasure is stored and why you still have not found him. You understand everything, about how to make money and get pleasure from the process.

ROY Club - is an investment project, based on paramayninge cryptocurrency PRIZM, which will allow you to receive a steady income and to doubt himself and his future.

What is the PRIZM and Paramayning?

PRIZM - a decentralized cryptocurrency, based on technology blokcheyn, which has unique properties, called Paramajning.

Paramajning - a new generation of coin PRIZM, for their storage platform ROY Club, which works on the basis of POS-of mining and produces new coins.

Mission ROY Cluba

this club, It creates a team of associates,for the purpose of easy money exaggeration, for each participant, For life, comfortable, happy and not to suffer more from the lack of money.

agree, Now, most people live from paycheck, to paycheck, do not go to your favorite job, borrow, spend money on liabilities, who bring temporary happiness, simply spend their energy and in return receive little or nothing.

People, who will receive a steady passive income, will be able to devote time to his family, self-realization, to protect nature, To help people, develop science and so on.

Project ROY Club It has been working for more 2-years and enables, absolutely all the participants of the World, join the friendly community and start earning real money, which will provide you with a lifetime.

The main advantages of the platform

  • investment from 100 coin cryptocurrency PRIZM.
  • Passive income cryptocurrency PRIZM from 15% - to 20% per month. (0.50-0.61% in a day)
  • 9-five tier affiliate program.
  • The reliability of the project due to decentralization and blokcheynu.
  • Instant conclusions at any time, no commission.
  • Just keep on the purse cryptocurrency PRIZM, to generate new coins.
  • The more coins PRIZM you keep, in order to earn an income greater.

Registration on a platform

  1. Follow this link:
  2. press → registration.
Registration on a platform ROY Club
Registration on a platform ROY Club

3. press → Create a wallet on

Создание кошелька на платформе РОЙ Клуб
Create a wallet on the platform ROY Club

4. Enter your email.
5. Choose security password.
6. Tick ​​→ I have read.
7. press → Further.

Процесс создание кошелька на платформе РОЙ Клуб
Continue to create a purse on the platform ROY Club

8. Go to your email and copy the code. (You will have a different code)

Код для активации почты, ROY Club on platform
Copy the code to activate email, ROY Club on platform

9. Insert the code, in this field.
10. press → confirm.

Confirmation of registration, ROY Club on platform
Confirmation of registration, ROY Club on platform

  • Next, you'll notice your → Address, public key and QR code.

Your Address It must be initially activated, but if you suddenly will not, then to activate the need to make at least one transaction, that is, to send a small amount of PRIZM to your own address.

11. press → The next step.

wallet information to ROY Club platform
wallet information to ROY Club platform

to invest, you need to buy cryptocurrency PRIZM.

  • you can buy PRIZM on the exchange SinenPRO, for BTC, as well as P2P platform real money or curators ROY club.

12. press → I bought.

Buying cryptocurrency PRIZM, ROY Club on platform
Buying cryptocurrency PRIZM, ROY Club on platform

  • Below is the screenshot, states, if your wallet was not a single transaction, the wallet will not be activated, but since ROY Club, It makes it possible to use the already activated from the purse SigenPRO, it is not necessary, carry out the transaction.
  • Also, here warn, that if you will not function posts signatures, then you will not be able to prove, it's your purse and withdraw funds, but, as we have created a wallet on the stock exchange SigenPRO, there, it is possible to use Text Messages, so you should not worry.

13. press → Sign up.

Register your purse on the platform ROY Club
Register your purse on the platform ROY Club

All, Now you are officially registered in ROY club.

Next, you should invest cryptocurrency PRIZM, on Address for investment.

Note, what Address for investment and public key, have other, that is, they generate from the platform ROY club.

Note, that the minimum investment amount 100 PRIZM.

If you invest, smaller 100 PRIZM, then after 3 day, Your account is deactivated.

when replenishing, 10% with each investment, go for bonuses and commissions.

14. After that, How do you invest cryptocurrency PRIZM, on Address for investment, click → I invested.

Investing cryptocurrency PRIZM, ROY Club on platform
Investing cryptocurrency PRIZM, ROY Club on platform

Login to your account, to show income and analysis, is only possible with the help of your Address purse of exchanges SigenPRO, which we originally created.


This is an outstanding project, I advise everyone to use the additional source of income, because the project already has a large number of people, that replenish the reserve squad, and it is increasingly growing every day.

Thus, cryptocurrency PRIZM, will be in demand and supply on the market, and therefore, It will only go up in price, and enrich the, who did not miss an opportunity.

but consider, it is not financial advice. Investment, especially in cryptocurrency, this is a very risky business, my goal, direct you to the source of plenty, and then everyone decides, where to go.

Register on the platform ROY Club:

Yes, yes, this is the same project, who is waiting for your participation and wants to give you a great mood → Independent Organization

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