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Earning PRIZM and UMI cryptocurrencies in the ROY Club project6 minutes reading

it happened! Overview incredible platform ROY Club - to receive passive income. You will learn, where the real treasure is stored and why you still have not found him. You understand everything, about how to make money and get pleasure from the process.

ROY Club - is an investment project, based on cryptocurrency Paramining PRIZM and Staking UMI, which will allow you to receive a stable income and not doubt yourself and your future.


PRIZM - a decentralized cryptocurrency, core-based NEXT, which creates new coins, due to that, that you just keep the cryptocurrency in your wallet, this is a unique property, called paramining.

Paramajning - a new generation of coin PRIZM, for their storage platform ROY Club, which works on the basis of POS-mining and creates new coins.

UMI - decentralized cryptocurrency, with smart contracts, which allows you to make safe and free transfers, as well as by combining network participants into structures, increases the number of coins, when you just keep cryptocurrency in your wallet, this process is called staking.

Staking Is an increase in coins, for storing cryptocurrency in your wallet, and the more coins you hold, the more you get profit.

Academy Is a kind of school, which will teach you all the basics of the project, in which you will learn to work on the platform ROY Club, attract people, learn about the mission of the club, learn basic marketing techniques, understand how to work with cryptocurrencies and get a lot of other knowledge and skills, who will make you a specialist guru and even give cryptocurrency scholarship.

ROY Market - store of goods and services, which you can purchase for UMI or PRIZM. Now there is no need to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money, buy directly from sellers making deals.

ROY Good - charitable foundation, which aims to help those in need, and you can take part in it, making the world a little better this way, giving good to those, who is in a difficult situation.

SWarm Movement Is a tutorial, which will teach you how to work on the Internet and conduct various events, to make the project more popular ROY Club and all, what's connected with him. You can do simple tasks on the Internet or in real life, and earn from → 1000 rubles per day, in cryptocurrency PRIZM or UMI, spending only a couple of hours on it.

Young Leader School - here you will be taught to master such skills, as: attracting referrals and partners to your team, creating your personal brand, development of leadership and public speaking skills and much more.

Webinars - this section will host various video broadcasts about the project, in which you can take part and ask your questions.

Conferences - these are various events, where everyone can join, learn a lot about asset management and business, watch live performances of speakers and even meet future partners.

bonus program Is an affiliate program, having 9 levels, with a bonus in → 5%, which will help you attract people and make big money, because the more partners you have, the more profit you will receive.

Mission ROY Cluba

this club, It creates a team of associates, for the purpose of easy money exaggeration, for each participant, For life, comfortable, happily and not suffer from lack of money anymore.

agree, Now, most people live from paycheck, to paycheck, do not go to your favorite job, borrow, spend money on liabilities, who bring temporary happiness, simply spend their energy and in return receive little or nothing.

People, who will receive a steady passive income, will be able to devote time to his family, self-realization, to protect nature, To help people, develop science and so on.

Project ROY Club It has been working for more 2-years and enables, absolutely all the participants of the World, join the friendly community and start earning real money, which will provide you with a lifetime.

The main advantages of the project

  • Investments from → 100 coin cryptocurrency PRIZM.
  • Paramajning in cryptocurrency PRIZM to → 10% per month.
  • Contribution from → 20 coin cryptocurrency UMI.
  • Staking cryptocurrencies UMI to → 40% per month.
  • 9-five tier affiliate program.
  • The reliability of the project due to decentralization and blokcheynu.
  • Instant conclusions at any time, no commission.
  • The more coins PRIZM and UMI you keep, in order to earn an income greater.

Registration on a platform

  1. Follow the link and click → registration:
Registration on the ROY Club project
Registration on the ROY Club project

2. Select → UMI.
3. press → Create a wallet on

Create a UMI wallet in the ROY Club project
Create a UMI wallet in the ROY Club project

4. Enter your email.
5. Choose security password.
6. Tick ​​→ I have read.
7. press → Further.

Continued creation of the UMI wallet in the ROY Club project
Continued creation of the UMI wallet in the ROY Club project

8. Go to your email and copy the code. (You will have a different code).

Email activation code, in the ROY Club project
Email activation code, in the ROY Club project

9. Insert the code, in this field.
10. press → confirm.

Confirmation of registration, in the ROY Club project
Confirmation of registration, in the ROY Club project

11. Now you need to make one any transaction from 0.01 UMI, to activate the wallet, to your own address UMI, which you only, what have created, then click → The next step.

UMI wallet activation in the ROY Club project
UMI wallet activation in the ROY Club project

12. Now you need to buy UMI, on the exchange Sigen or using bank cards, to participate in the project and generate income, and after purchase, click → I've already bought.

Покупка UMI  в проекте РОЙ Клуб
Purchase of UMI in the ROY Club project

13. Copy → Signature phrase.

Phrase for signature in the ROY Club project
Phrase for signature in the ROY Club project

14. Go to the exchange → log into your account, with that data, which you used when creating the wallet.

15. Go to → Wallet, on the exchange and select UMI.

16. And in the section Address manager, under your address UMI, there will be an inscription → Signature, insert that Signature phrase, which you copied from ROY Club, and you will generate your signature, copy it.

UMI address and Signature on the Sigen exchange
UMI address and Signature on the Sigen exchange

17. Then go back to ROY Club, insert this signature, in the appropriate field.

18. Tick ​​→ I have read the Terms, provisions and risks.

19. Check the second checkbox → I have read the Privacy Policy.

20. press → Sign up!

Register in the ROY Club project
Register in the ROY Club project

All, Now you are officially registered in ROY Club.

To enter your account, use your Wallet address UMI, from the exchange SigenPRO, which we originally created.

Next, you should invest cryptocurrency UMI, on Address for investment.

The minimum investment amount is → 20 UMI.

If you invest less → 20 UMI, then after 3 day, Your account is deactivated.

When replenishing → 10% with each investment, go for bonuses and commissions.

The wallet is created in the same way → PRIZM.

Interesting Facts

  1. Project ROY Club, has been working for more → 25 months2+ of the year.
  2. More than → 250 000 users from 18 countries.
  3. The project ROY Club yes → 38 offices around the world.
  4. Already more → 185 000 reviews, people left about this project.
  5. The project has consistently paid off the order → $15 000 000 in cryptocurrency PRIZM and UMI.
  6. Also in ROY Club already about → 8500 leaders.


This is an outstanding project, I advise everyone to use the additional source of income, because the project already has a large number of people, that replenish the reserve squad, and it is increasingly growing every day.

Thus, cryptocurrencies PRIZM and UMI, will have supply and demand in the market, and therefore, will only rise in price, and enrich the, who did not miss an opportunity.

but consider, it is not financial advice. Investment, especially in cryptocurrency, this is a very risky business, my goal, direct you to the source of plenty, and then everyone decides, where to go.

Register on the platform ROY Club:

Yes, yes, this is the same project, who is waiting for your participation and wants to give you a great mood: Independent Organization - earnings with an investment in a turquoise organization

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