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Good afternoon to all lovers of earnings! Today we will deal with such a wonderful project as Sorare, which will lead us into the world of cryptocurrencies and introduce us to a new trend 2021 years under the name NFT, where you can make nice money.

Sorare Is a blockchain soccer game Ethereum, with a twist of fantasy from Paris, founded in 2018 year, where the main concept is, to use digital cards of real football players from all over the world and manage an officially registered club in the game, which will generate passive income for you.


Already more → 100 years, sports soccer fans, collect various cards and this has already gone down in history, as a necessary hypothesis of our time in that, that sports can be not only on the field, but also on cards and even virtually.

Back then in 2017-2018 year there were some NFT tokens (Non-Fungible Token), with literal translation as Non-fungible tokens, that is, unique in structure, which cannot be exchanged for each other, and the very uniqueness of them is given by technology Blokcheyn.

While NFT was not so popular, but in 2021 year this trend just burst in without asking anyone and made a global hype that will be remembered for a lifetime. Many people of art, artists, programmers, bloggers, crypto enthusiasts, picked up this hype trend, and began to dispose of it as it once was with ICO and DeFi segment.

for instance: one of the artists Mike Winkelman, known by pseudonym Beeple, put up for auction Christie’s his work called “EveryDays: The First 5000 Days” (The first five thousand days), that is, this is his drawing, in which he indicated → 5000 thousand portraits, which he drew throughout → 13 years, and wrapped this job in NFT token, and after a while it was bought for → $69 000 000, the largest sale in the history of digital art, presently.

  • In February 2021 of the year, gif Nyan Cat was sold for → $442 000;
  • Also in February 2021 of the year, regular video from a basketball player's match James LeBron was sold for → $200 000;
  • In March 2021 of the year, founder Twitter Jack Dorsey sold my first tweet - for $3 000 000.

I count the game Sorare semi-virtual, so how do you buy not so easy regular virtual cards, and the cards that attached to every player in real life, that's literally every team from real life, officially registered in Game Sorare, and all the statistics of the players during the real game of soccer, generated into the virtual world of cards.

Thus, necessary thoughtfully and consciously choose teams, since your victory and earnings depend on, as will play teams in real life, because all maps are based on real football teams.

So you will earn Glasses, accrued, when your team starts playing in real life, that is, each card will start to bring you points, depending on the statistics of the football player's performance, where will be taken into account: time spent on the field, penalty, passes, goals, offsides, other.

The game has a trading floor, where you can buy teams and sell, participate in tournaments and competitions, win various prizes, meet managers and so on.

The main advantages of the game Sorare

  • Based on distributed ledger technology.
  • Detailed statistics of player cards from real life.
  • Support blokcheyna and smart contracts.
  • Officially registered Clubs and Leagues from world football.
  • Scoring based on results real football.
  • Uniqueness NFT tokens.
  • Many tournaments.
  • Leveling up in cards.
  • Huge prize pools.
  • 4 kind NFT cards.
  • Easy integration Ethereum-purse.
  • Market of cards at affordable prices.
  • Deposit using local currency.
  • Convenient personal account.
  • Nice card design.
  • Present free cards after registration.
  • Opportunity to earn big money.

A variety of NFT cards in a fantasy game Sorare

All cards are created on the blockchain Ethereum with a unique standard → ERC-721 and ERC-1155. There are several types of cards, which are available in various formats and give out a certain number of points:

  1. Common (Regular-white) - free cards are issued in unlimited quantities, that impossible to buy or sell, and can't exchange. They are issued upon registration and can be won at Rookie division.
  2. Rare (Rare-red) — 100 pieces per player for the whole season, for them you will receive → 6 points. They can be won in Rookie division, in different Contests or buy on the transfer market. The starting price of these cards at the auction is from → 5+ euro.
  3. Super Rare (Super rare blue) — 10 pieces per player for the whole season, for them you will receive → 12 points. These cards can be obtained in different prize places, or exchange for others, as well as buy on the market. The starting price of these cards at the auction is from → 50+ euro.
  4. Unique (Unique-brown) — 1 piece per player for the whole season, for them you will receive → 18 points. These cards can also be won in prizes, exchange with other players or buy. The starting price of these cards at the auction is from → 500+ euro.
Variety of NFT cards, в фэнтези игре Sorare
Variety of NFT cards

Cards can buy and sell on Auction or bargain with managers at Secondary market, well, or you can try your luck and win at Tournaments on football.

You can buy cards with Bank card, or install wallets like: Coinbase, MetaMask, and buy with cryptocurrency Ethereum.

Types of tournaments in the blockchain game Sorare

Starter League Rookie

  • Starter League Rookie - you need to start with free participation in tournaments for beginners, using free cards, which you will receive upon registration. Here you can play more → 8 time, this way you will gradually learn something new from the game, and there is also an opportunity to win cool cards, to participate in other tournaments. Here you can only take part in 1 division, where can you win Regular or Rare cards of different levels, and also get bonuses in percents.


  1. Global All Star Are the largest international tournaments in terms of the number of participants, where there is 4 division. Here you can use any football cards, from all over the world. The prize fund consists of Rare, Super rare and Unique cards, different levels, depending on the chosen division, and cash gift in euros.
  2. Global Under 23 - players are allowed here only up to → 23 years. Involved here 4 division, and the prizes consist of Rare and Super rare cards, plus additionally from 1-3 a place provided cash gift in euros.
  3. Global Unique - here you can participate by collecting only → 5 unique maps. The tournament consists of 1 division, and only has first place, where you can get more → €6 000 euro.


  1. Champion Europe - this championship consists of 4-x divisions and then the football elite from: La Liga, Serie A, Premier league, Bundesliga and League 1. There are also prizes from Rare, Super rare and Unique cards of different levels, and cash gift in euros.
  2. Champion America - only the best players on West: MLS, MX League and Argentina. The championship also consists of 4-x divisions, with a prize fund of Rare, Super rare and Unique cards of different levels, and cash gift in euros.
  3. Champion Asia - this place is only for players from Of the East: K-Leagues and J-League. Involved here 4 division, with similar prizes from Rare, Super rare and Unique cards of different levels, and cash gift in euros.


  • Challenger Europe - here you can make all players from European teams, that are not champions Europe. And as always, by tradition, they are quoted here 4 division, with cool prizes like: Rare, Super rare and Unique cards of different levels, and cash gift in euros.


  1. Special Weekly - weekly event, consists of 1 division, where can you win Rare cards of different levels, and also get Grand Prize from the special edition.
  2. Special Training Is a training ground, where can i send unused players, so that they gain experience.
Tournament types, в блокчейн-игре Sorare
Tournament types

Registration in the NFT-game Sorare

Follow this link to the official website:

  1. press → Sign up.
registration starts, в NFT-игре Sorare
registration starts

2. Enter your → Mail.
3. Add → Nickname.
4. Come up with → Strong password.
5. Put → Checkmark.
6. Once again → Checkmark.
7. press → to send.

Регистрация в блокчейн-игре Sorare

Creating a club and completing tasks in the game Sorare

  1. Add → Club logo.
  2. Enter your → Nickname.
  3. Come up with → Club name.
  4. press → confirm.
Creation of your club, в игре Sorare
Creation of your club

This is followed by a small greeting and a few recommendations..

5. press → Meet My Composition.

Welcome and some recommendations, в фэнтези игре Sorare
Welcome and some recommendations

Now you need to choose 3 your favorite club, to create the first squad.

6. press → confirm.

Choose 3 club for the original, в игре Sorare
Choose 3 club for the original

Next, you are offered open a deck of cards, with the first line-up.

7. press → Open The deck.

First deck of NFT cards, to get the composition of the team, в игре Sorare
First deck of NFT cards, to get the composition of the team

You will get your first command from 4-x cards, which already ready play and bring you glasses.

8. press → Proceed.

First part of the team, в блокчейн-игре Sorare
First part of the team

Now you will need to complete the remaining tasks, so that to us joined new players.

9. press → Join your first league.

Joining your first league, в игре Sorare
Joining your first league

In the next step, clarification in progress, what Leagues and what are Competitions.

  • Global All Star - you can create a team of players from all over the world.
  • Global Under 23 - you can choose players, not reached 23 years.
  • Champion Europe - you can choose players, playing in 5 the best leagues of Europe.

10. Click - How to Win?

Explanation of what Leagues and Competitions are, в игре Sorare
Explanation of what Leagues and Competitions are

It goes on to say, what Managers, that is you, who participate in the tournament, fall into Leaderboard, depending on the performance of your team, that is, from the recruited Points, during real soccer game, in real life, each of your players. All goals, transfers or clean sheets and so on, added to the total of your points.

11. press → What will I win?

League Win, participation in Tournaments and Leaderboards, в игре Sorare
League Win, participation in Tournaments and Leaderboards

It says here, what are the best managers, get Rare and Expensive cards, as well as various awards.

12. press → Cool, Let's play.

Winning prizes and awards, в игре Sorare
Winning prizes and awards

The next paragraph says, what are you like New Manager, you can safely compete in Starter League Rookie (Rookie league), throughout → 8-mi game weeks.

13. press → Join Your First League.

Joining the Beginner League, в игре Sorare
Joining the Beginner League

Now to your lineup new players join.

14. press → Open Deck.

Second deck of NFT cards, to join new players, в игре Sorare
Second deck of NFT cards, to join new players

You will get already second deck of 5 kart, with new players and they join your team.

15. press → The next step.

The second part of the joined team, в блокчейн-игре Sorare
The second part of the joined team

Now you need Build your team of 5 players:

  • GK (Goalkeeper) → Goalkeeper.
  • DEF (Defender) → Defender.
  • MID (Midfielder) Midfielder.
  • FW (Forward) Attack.
  • Additional player.

16. press → confirm.

Start building a team, в игре Sorare
Start building a team
Compiled team of 5 players, в игре Sorare
Compiled team of 5 players

Joins your team another new player.

17. press → Open Deck.

Third deck of NFT cards, to join a new player, в игре Sorare
Third deck of NFT cards, to join a new player

You'll get third deck of 1 cards, with a new player, which will also become part of your team.

18. press → The next step.

The third part of the joined player to the team, в блокчейн-игре Sorare
The third part of the joined player to the team

Further it is said about the rarity of the cards and their limitations, and about how, that new cards are created every season. We crashed about the cards above, so you already know them.

  • Common (Regular) - white cards → unlimited quantity per player.
  • Rare (Rare) - red cards → 100 pieces per player.
  • Super rare (Super rare) - blue cards → 10 pieces per player.
  • Unique (Unique) - brown cards → 1 thing per player.

19. press → Excellent.

Rarity of cards and their limitations, в игре Sorare
Rarity of cards and their limitations

Further provided Details of the player's card, where can i find out average score player, Bonus Points, or experience points.

Each card, which participates in tournaments - receives glasses experience, enhances level and increases power.

For example, in this case, Rare card of red color, player Kylian Mbappé:

  • 2020-21 Is the season.
  • Rare 60/10060-I'm a card from 100.
  • Average score - calculated from 0 to 100, proceeding from → 5 last games, and at the moment the player has → 92 score.
  • Green check mark - this player has a game ahead, that is, the player will soon enter the field and play football, together with the team.
  • Bonus+5%, this is increases player performance and adds extra points.
  • 23 - gives the right to participate in the junior league → 23-years.

20. Click - Excellent.

Details of the player's card, в игре Sorare
Details of the player's card

And here you can choose your favorite players from the major leagues, just click -> Track and you will receive emails, when a new card appears for the player of your choice.

21. Click - Done.

A group of players from major leagues to track, в игре Sorare
A group of players from major leagues to track

Next, meet a new addition to your team.

22. press → Open Deck.

Fourth deck of NFT cards, to join a new player, в игре Sorare
Fourth deck of NFT cards, to join a new player

You'll get fourth deck of 1 cards, with a new player, which will strengthen your team and make it complete.

23. press → The next step.

The fourth part of the joined player to the team, в блокчейн-игре Sorare
The fourth part of the joined player to the team

After that you are offered use filter, that buy cards of the players you need and make your first bet.

24. If you don't want to buy cards now, then click → Do it later.

Buying NFT cards using a filter, в игре Sorare
Buying NFT cards using a filter

Overview of personal account in Sorare

  1. Hover over the section Market, and click on → New Signatures.
Go to the card store, в игре Sorare
Go to the card store

2. Filters - is a convenient navigation through the cards of the players, from choice rarities cards, to nationalities player.
3. Sorting - by high and low the price, as well as novelties maps and ending auction.

NFT Auction, в игре Sorare
NFT Auction

4. Now click on → Transfer market.

Go to the Transfer Market, в игре Sorare
Go to the Transfer Market

5. Card filters - there is also a convenient filter by player cards.
6. Sort by price - as well as necessary sorting at prices.

Transfer Market for NFT Cards, в игре Sorare
Transfer Market for NFT Cards

In the title Variety of NFT cards, we have analyzed all the cards in detail.

7. Click on the section - Play.
8. Leagues - these are football tournaments in various categories, with a prize fund.
9. Matches - this is the date of the next games, from different leagues.

Leagues, tournaments and matches, в игре Sorare
Leagues, tournaments and matches

We analyzed each tournament in detail a little higher., in the title Tournament types.

10. Go to section → My Gallery.
11. Club banner - this is a picture of your club, it can be changed.
12. Club badge - this is your club badge, it can also be changed.
13. Cards Are all your cards, with a convenient filter and sorting by prices and points.
14. Achievements Are all your achievements related to games and cards.

Personal cards and achievements, в игре Sorare
Personal cards and achievements

15. Support service - here you can find frequently asked Questions and answers, as well as contact technical support for any issue.

Support service, в игре Sorare
Support service

16. Invite friends - in this section, you can invite your friends and anyone in general.

Affiliate program, в игре Sorare
Affiliate program

17. This badge will not disappear until then., until you complete all your assignments.
18. Click on your → Nickname and you will notice this list:
settings - here you can download avatar, change mail, nickname, change team name, and also connect 2FA for extra protection, etc.
My auctions - this quantity your current auctions, as well as the cards that you sell and the cards that you bet on.
Direct offers - here you will receive different offers from users, for trading cards, and so are you you can suggest to bargain.
My favorite Is a select collection of your favorites Players, Teams and Countries.
19. Here you can use the search: Players, Teams, Countries and Managers.
20. Different people will come here notifications and news.
21. It's your Wallet, which you can only replenish real money, such as Dollars, euro etc. It is also possible to connect Ethereum wallet, such as MetaMask and replenish and even deduce using Ethereum cryptocurrency.

Overview of other parameters, в игре Sorare
Overview of other parameters

Interesting Facts

  1. The project is already more → 130 officially registered club, such as the: Real Madrid, Juventus, PSG, Liverpool, Atletico, Bavaria, Napoli, Miner, CSKA, Zenith, Spartacus other.
  2. In March 2021 of the year, was bought Unique map Cristiano Ronaldo, for 150 Ethereum$300 000.
  3. Fantasy game Sorare, attracted more → €40 000 000.
  4. The most gigantic investor in Sorare is a game company → Ubisoft.
  5. Than more points you will earn, themes more powerful will be your card, and you will have the opportunity to compete in the best divisions, where you can win cool prizes.
  6. The main feature of getting profit from all player cards is, for a football player to play beautifully real life, or rather, that gave accurate passes, did assists or selections and interceptions, and scored goals, all this will increase the number of points and the price of the card.
  7. The project Sorare have an official partner → choose, which collects football data, to track the real performance of each player.
  8. For the project Sorare, a separate site has been created → SorareData, in which there is The global game statistics.
  9. Users from Of Russia, playing the game Sorare more → 1 o'clock in a day, and ranked second in the world in terms of time, spent in the game.
  10. In Game Sorare there is also collectible cards former football players, such as the: Pele, Diego Maradona, Zinedine Zidane, David Beckham, etc.


It's time to take stock, as you can see, game Sorare, this is something unique and unimaginable, cool and attractive at the same time, here you can spend your time with pleasure, especially for football fans, because here you can combine business with pleasure.

The project is young enough, and while there is an opportunity, you need to take part in it, since the earnings are very substantial, and this should not be missed, especially now, when the hype NFT just gaining momentum, in which they spin a lot of money, so join friends, while the train is still picking up passengers.

Register to fantasy game Sorare:

After creating an account and completing first tasks you will receive → 11 free cards, with which you can start playing Rookie league, because there is an opportunity to win not only Free cards, but also Rare cards, if you borrow → 1, 2 or 3 a place.

If during 90 days after registration, you buy 5 any cards or more, on Auction, In chapter "New Signatures“, you get → 1 Rare card as a gift, which may cost more → 500 euro.

Also after registration, necessarily confirm your email and phone number.

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