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VKserfing - making money on social networks4 minutes reading

Good day to all! Now we will try to figure out such a wonderful project, as VKserfing, which will give you a lot of emotions from passive earnings and incredible social promotion.

VKserfing Is an amazing project, associated with promotion and earnings in well-known social networks, where one will help unwind their social networks, and others on this earn.

general information

Everybody knows, what do people spend huge amount of time, to social networks and spend there, almost all day, and for that get nothing, that is, in fact, users act as users, spend money on internet and communication, and at the same time they have nothing from it, but just consume.

But I want to make you happy, now you don't have to do all this for free, since an amazing project of its kind appeared VKserfing, where can you do that, what before made for free, and for this you will still be pay money, and besides that, you can still unwind yourself on social networks and become more popular.

There are two types of users in the project:: Advertisers and Performers and each of them plays a specific role, for their own purposes, Where first unwind, advertise, promote their social networks, a second earn, performing tasks from customers.

Both sides can carry out and order job types such as: subscribers, huskies, reposty, friends, polls, comments, views etc.

The rule for Advertisers - can't advertise on: fraudulent projects, various pyramids, casino, gambling, sexual advertisements, hacking services, markups, sending spam, sites with viruses, alcohol and drugs, etc. (Read all the rules on the website).

The rule for Performers - can't use programs, to automatically complete tasks or have multiple accounts and use proxy servers, unsubscribe and delete likes and reposts, have other people's avatars and names in your profile, but need to fill out a profile on 70% and have 5 personal photos and the like. (Read the rest of the rules on the website).

If you are a performer, then what more often you will be logged into your account and plug in all necessary social networks, and you will also show activity, then you will receive a large number of tasks and your earnings will increase exponentially.

The minimum withdrawal amount is only → 50 rubles, which can be earned in a matter of days and withdrawn to such well-known payment systems as: PAYEER, WebMoney R-wallet, Yandex money, QIWI.

If you are an advertiser, then you are offered these Bonuses, when replenishing: from 2000 rubles + 200 rubles as a gift, from 6000 rubles + 1200 rubles as a gift, from 12 000 rubles + 3600 rubles as a gift, from18 000 rubles + 7200 rubles as a gift.

There is also an incredibly cool referral program, which pays → 20% with performers' earnings and → 10% from spent funds from advertisers.

Key benefits for performers

  • Earning with the help personal pages in social networks.
  • Simple earnings on repostah, likes, subscriptions, Friendship views, etc.
  • More → 300 tasks each day!
  • Minimum withdrawal → 50 rubles on famous payment systems, every saturday.
  • Generous referral program.

Top benefits for advertisers

  • Extended targeting performers.
  • Voice verification all performers.
  • High quality filtration from violation and bots.
  • Attractive bonuses when replenishing.
  • Profitable affiliate system.

Registration in the VKserfing project

Follow this link, to the official website:

  1. press → registration.
Registration in the VKserfing project
Registration in the VKserfing project

2. Enter your → Email.
3. Come up with → Password.
4. press → Sign up.

Register in the VKserfing project
Register in the VKserfing project

Now login to your email and confirm the registration.

Overview of your personal account

The task

  1. All tasks - here you can connect your social networks, such as the: In contact with, Instagram, Tick-tock, Likee, Telegram (will be available soon: Facebook, YouTube and Classmates. And you can immediately perform such types of tasks as: subscribers, huskies, reposty, friends, polls, comments, views of records, video views.
  2. Checking performers - here you can check performers, who performed your tasks.
  3. Completed tasks - these are all tasks, which were carried out.
  4. Penalties - all tasks will be recorded in this section, which you violated and for each violation, only that amount of money will be debited from you, which you got when doing disturbed task. If there is more → 30 active violations, then you get restrictions to new tasks.
Tasks, in the VKserfing project
Tasks, in the VKserfing project

My orders

  1. Create task - here you can create tasks to promote your social networks.
  2. My orders - here you can track your orders, by category social networks, type set and status.
  3. Project folders - here you can create folders, for convenience and sorting orders.
  4. Order archive - this is an archive of all orders.
Orders in the VKserfing project
Orders in the VKserfing project


  1. Referral program - your referral link, with which you can share and invite people. Also displayed here referral reward - this 20% from earnings of partners and 10% from the money spent by advertisers, as well as the total amount of money earned from the affiliate program, it's more → 6 250 000 rubles, and a little below is shown TOP- 10 referrals.
  2. My referrals - the number of invited referrals.
  3. Promotional materials - banners, for high-quality advertising and attracting partners.
Referrals in the VKserfing project
Referrals in the VKserfing project

Other sections

news - here you can watch the project news, and also select the news archive, sorted by year.

Help Is a knowledge base, where frequently asked questions and answers are collected, as well as you yourself can ask a question of interest.

Interesting Facts

  1. The project is already almost - 3 000 000 million users.
  2. More → 33 000 000 million rubles paid.
  3. More → 370 000 000 million jobs done.
  4. Currently available at least → 4 000 thousand tasks.


We have taken apart one of the most promising projects of our time, which refers specifically to social networks, that is to those things, which we do everyday and free of charge, and now we will be paid for it.

The project stands out among the competitors of the themes, that he has unique algorithms, generous affiliate program and even nice and modern design, so join this creation, because the resource looks enough attractive in all respects.

Register in the project VKserfing:

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